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Beginner Pistol: Range Etiquette & AZ CCW Class

Designed for beginners, this course focuses on the responsibilities of handgun ownership, hands-on SAFETY, proper stance, grip, trigger control and aim. These fundamentals will build your foundation of confidence and the knowledge required to transport, load, clear and shoot your firearm SAFELY. Additionally, we teach and demonstrate proper Range Etiquette, SAFETY, Vocabulary and Mindset. With this class you will become a Confident Range Shooter and Responsible Gun Owner and know how to act accordingly while you are on-range practicing alone or training with others.

Not sure how to, or if, Concealed Carry is right for you? We will address your concerns and help you understand your options. If you do not have a firearm, we have a selection of rentals and ammunition available for purchase. This class requires a minimal amount of ammunition (25-50 rounds for live-fire) and focuses more on SAFETY, dry-fire, un-loaded manipulation, developing good habits and breaking down the techniques into small cohesive steps. 

The class is 5 hours which includes a 3 hour online course covering The Legal and Mental Aspects of Concealed Carry and a 2 hour on-range, live-fire class. Ideally taken before the Live-Fire Course the AZ CCW Online Class lays the foundation for the Hands-On Training.

Upon Completion of this Blended Learning Course students will receive a Certificate of Completion and Personalized AZ CCW Application Kit including Fingerprinting to apply for an Arizona Concealed Carry Of Weapons Permit. Although The Arizona Department Of Public Safety does not require a Live-Fire Qualification, We believe hands-on training essential aspect and best way to create responsible citizens and firearms owners. Our Blended Learning Class exceeds Arizona’s Concealed Carry Requirements as defined in A.R.S. 13-3112, by including In-Person and Live-Fire Classes conducted by NRA Certified Instructor.

Home Defense Training
Home Defense and Shooting Lessons

Pistol Shooting, Level 2

This training course is designed for students that have completed Beginners Pistol and Range Etiquette and individuals with experience shooting but want to become more confident with their firearm and more accurate getting on target. This course is also a great SAFETY and refresher class for people looking to expand on their skills and shooting for personal and home protection. This course will prepare you for the next course level and help you identify possible concealed carry positions and next steps in personal and home defense. Based on YOUR needs and abilities, this course ranges from 2-3 hours and includes an hour of live-fire self-practice after the course so students can process, practice and implement techniques learned during instruction. The goal is to become a Confident and Competent Range Shooter. A moderate level of ammunition (100-150 rounds for live-fire) is required for this class.

Defensive Handgun & Holstered Positions Level 1

In this course students will implement and demonstrate skills and techniques learned in Pistol Shooting Level 2. This course transitions students from Confident and Competent Range Shooter to the beginning stages of open and concealed carry, selective carry and home defense strategies. Our focus on repetition will develop your skills to draw and access your firearm from an open carry holstered position on your body and/or from a secured safe or compartment. Through a series of exercises students will perfect the knowledge and skills required to progress to Defensive Handgun & Concealed Carry. This course is 5 hours which includes an hour of on range self-practice after the class to practice and implement techniques learned during the class. Students should be prepared for shooting between 100 and 150 rounds in live-fire drills and have a holster suitable for your firearm. 

Arizona Defensive Firearms Training
Self Defense Gun Training

Defensive & Concealed Handgun 2

This course will test your skills. It’s where the previous training classes and your abilities come together to create fluidity and consistency shooting while solidifying your personal strategy for concealed carry and home defense. This class will focus completely on you drawing and firing from a concealed carry position. You will work through a variety of technical steps using dry-fire and live-fire techniques to build the retention and acuity to skillfully and safely draw from a concealed position. Instructors will scale the course accordingly as you achieve milestones. Additionally a number of “Evade and Escape” and “Close Quarter” drills may be performed as you demonstrate ability and competency. This is a 4 hour, on-range live-fire course which includes 1 hour of monitored self-practice after the class so students can process, practice and implement techniques learned during the course and so that the instructor can evaluate the students progress and retention.

Firearms & Concealment Consultation Private, Family & Group Training

We understand that purchasing a firearm is a very personal and important decision. There are several considerations such as barrel length, frame size, grip and caliber. Additionally, deciding “how to carry” is a very intimate decision that requires thought and planning. There are also a multitude of holsters, brands, models suitable for concealed carry, home defense or competitive shooting. If you are thinking of purchasing a firearm, a Private Firearm Consultation might be a good option for you to consider. Set in a private one-on-one atmosphere our goal is to help guide you through the decision making process in a relaxed setting, while focusing on finding the right firearm for your specific needs. It’s also a great time to discuss firearms education and next steps in responsible firearm ownership. Safehouse Defense Private Shooting Lessons are available for all levels of shooting experience. If you have never held a gun before or if you are an experienced gun owner looking to perfect your skills our NRA Certified Firearms Instructors can help you accomplish your goals. Our speciality is customizing classes and hands-on training to accomplish your objectives

Private Shooting Lessons are also great for couples, families, and groups that want personalized one-on-one firearms training for home defense and personal protection.

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All of our classes are based on a one-on-one format allowing us to focus on your specific needs. We feel that Private Instruction is the best way to develop Confidence and Competence. If you’d like to add a spouse, child, relatives, friends or work colleagues we can make arrangements to do so upon request and may need to add Instructors or Range Safety Officers as needed.

Safehouse Defense classes are constructed as building-blocks to allow entry points to handguns based on the students level of experience and objectives. As students progress they will need to to demonstrate competency to go to the next level. Every class integrates and reinforces Range Etiquette, Safety and Firearms Responsibility. 

If you do not have a firearm we have rentals and ammunition available for purchase. Range Time, Training Targets, Stands, Protection for your Eyes and Ears are included for beginners. We train on a number of indoor and outdoor shooting ranges and private facilities in Arizona, California and Nevada. We also offer Shotgun, Carbine and Precision Rifle Courses. If you are an instructor looking for advanced training and employment please contact us directly or email All Classes, Prices, Terms, Conditions and Availability are subject to change without notice. 

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