continued education & training


Unlike insurance programs, membership in the Safehouse Defense Training Program offers, in-person, on-range and on-going classes with our team of professional personal protection trainers and home defense instructors. Beyond the essential legal protection our firm provides, enrolled members will have access to the local, vetted training resources required to develop and keep your self-defense skills sharp on a regular basis.

Safehouse Defense Training members enjoy access to ongoing legal seminars, monthly live-fire range days and deeply discounted rates for private one-on-one firearms instruction.

You will learn…

  • Your Rights & Arizona’s Self-Defense Laws
  • Arizona Concealed Carry Laws & Firearms Safety
  • Benefits of Having A CCW Permit
  • Multi-State Reciprocity & Traveling with Firearms
  • Dealing with Law Enforcement / Traffic Stops
  • What to do, who to call, what to say if you have to use your firearm
  • Advantages of Concealed Carry vs. Open Carry The Truth About CCW “Insurance”
  • Concealed Carry Minsdet / Situational Awareness
  • Personal Protection & Home Defense Strategies

DETAILS: The fastest way to get your AZ ccw Permit. Available online 24/7. Watch fun and educational videos, re-wind, take notes. review at your pace. We Have more Google 5 Star Reviews than any other AZ CCW Class! Our online blended learning course will allow you to submit your application for your Arizona Concealed Carry of Weapons Permit.

Building on the knowledge from the online class you will…

  • This is a 2 hour in-person class taught by a Nationally Certified Firearms & Self-Defense Instructor
  • Learn how to prevent & deal with a violent attack
  • Learn how to identify public threats
  • Learn about Armed and Unarmed self-defense options
  • Learn how to legally carry, display and draw a concealed firearm
  • Learn how to practice concealed carry and dry-fire at home
  • Learn and practice what to do, who to call and what to say after a self-defense shooting
  • Review Firearms Safety, Handling & Legal Use Of Force Laws
  • Document your knowledge with a Certificate of Completion
  • Receive a downloadable 65 Page CCW Resource Guide + Pen, Self-Defense Flashlight, CCW Ankle Holster & Dry-Fire Targets ($69 value)
  • Perfect for individuals, couples, friends, family, work groups, church groups & others

DETAILS: This in-person, classroom course is ideal for couples, women, students and individuals looking to understand self-defense options for concealed carry and home defense. This course will prepare you for Step 3.

Course fee: Normally $149 per student / Discounted to $79 for Safehouse Defense Members. Get The Real-World Information, Education & Self-Defense Training You Need!

Working with NRA Certified Firearms Instructors you will apply the knowledge gained in the online and in-person courses.

You will learn, develop and practice…

  • The 4 Basic Rules Of Firearms Safety
  • Range Etiquette
  • Firearms Handling
  • Proper Stance, Grip & Aim
  • Loading, Reloading & Unloading
  • Defensive Display & De-escalation
  • Clearing Jams, Misfires and Malfunctions Defensive Mindset, Movement & Target Acquisition Barricade, Cover, Escape & Evade Techniques
  • Low light for Home Defense
  • Suppressors & SBR’s Demo

DETAILS: Live-Fire Range Training Class will sharpen your skills and prepare you for additional advanced training and continued practice at home or on-range with instructors. These skills are perishable and must be practiced and fine-tuned on a regular basis. We offer Members Only discounted private instruction and advanced training for families and groups.