Timothy Forshey

Level Of Service We Provide

“Gem Amongst Men”

I’ve known Tim since 1994. Tim has assisted my family with legal matters in different situations and if he could advised us to self represent to save money. Tim is by far one of the kindest, caring and non judgemental people I’ve ever met. Tim, I should’ve written this sooner-you are a gem amongst men! I’ve known you for years and you’re very professional and decent. I have the utmost respect for you sir! Thank you for taking care of my families legal needs for 3 decades. Thanks for always taking my calls in a pinch! You are the best attorney in Arizona!

C. Mcluty

“Experienced From All Sides”

This man is experienced in Law from all sides as Law Enforcement to sitting on the Bench as a Judge. His experience and straight shooter personalized interactions set him above and beyond the stereo typical attorneys that say hello sign this agreement where I promise you nothing… Spent 4 hrs in seminar with this man, and I would not consider anyone else should I get in serious legal trouble. I’ve been wrongfully accused and acquitted before of numerous felonies. The system is very flawed in the fact you are guilty till proven innocent. I’m so fortunate to met Mr. FORSHEY & highly recommend him to everyone. I’ve been a law abiding corporate business owner the last 20 yrs. Except for a few mistakes we all make time to time. Be safe out there and know you’re rights.

E. Maximus

“Hard Work & Determination”

Just wanted to write a few words about everything your team did for me. It was a long road over years to get the outcome we were looking for. Your hard work and determination got the job done. It was a life changing exercise that I really don’t have words for. Thank you for going the extra mile and making it happen. The Forshey team is the best and I will always be grateful. Thank you.

G. Ford

“Caring & Compassionate”

Tim handled my brother in his late stages of life and had a very caring and compassionate approach. I had to contact him from Des Moines, Iowa and his response was very caring considering everything my family went through with 3 family losses… definitely a referral.

R. Plecas

“Worth Every Penny”

Hands down the best defense attorney relating to firearms in Arizona. Definitely worth every penny.

I. Yazo

“Tell You Like It Is”

Best ever. No double talk, will tell you like it is. Great guy.

J. Shelly